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since 1994


  • since 1994
  • Food manufacturer of dressing & sauces
  • Cosmetic industry – worldwide Projects
  • Packaging industry – worldwide Projects



  • We customize products into new formats and helping brands to access different markets, distribution channels or stand out from ordinary.
  • Our services includes :
    • Packing & Repacking
    • Labelling  & Coding
    • Gift & Promo Packs
    • Store Ready Packing
    • Rework & Rectification
    • Inspection & Grading



  • We developed all the recipes and technology for KNORR and Nestle’ MAGGI mustard brands
  • First sleeved bottle of Coca-Cola on Romania Market (Fanta PlayOn) followed by Coca-Cola Light “less than a calorie” promotion using a metallized foil for a “eye catching mirror effect
  • Christmas Promotion for Coca-Cola  multi-pack on sleeve with a Glass Jar gift (2x 2L bottles and a glass jar between ) – first time used worldwide based on our study (starting from palletization, sleeve specs and packaging materials related to this Project)
  • P&G Bundle pack of “Lenor 2 x 2L” products on a sleeve with 607 mm length (max. admitted by technology)


  • Disruption is the new normal 
  • Cutting-edge technology and big data have changed everything  –  CPG  and retail included. We’re a team designed to move at the pace of change. Innovation isn’t something we “do”, it’s in our DNA!
  • This is all about new ways to solve new problems, to innovate faster than the consumer and market changes
  • We’re industry experts with entrepreneurial chutzpah. We bring together the best in design thinking and agile development to take new products to market, super-fast.
  • We are the face(s) of innovation.

  • We’re problem solvers, design thinkers, agile doers and craftsmen. We face challenges and we have fun doing it. What aren’t we? Perfectionists.




Developments in contemporary society have generated a market dynamic from cosmetic and care to food products that open up interesting growth prospects for innovative producers and suppliers.

Consumer needs and demands remain the touchstone for the development and production of quality products. Thanks to our wide-ranging expertise in areas such as packaging development, production and manufacturing, we are able to perform on our modular lines almost any type of industrial processes and deliver from samples to regular products in no time, hassle free and cost efficient.

Where is a need, there is a will, where is a will, there is a way!




  • founded in 1994
  • food manufacturer of dressing & sauces for Knorr & Maggi  between 1994 – 2006
  • packaging industry – worldwide Projects
  • co-packer FMCG for Unilever, Coca Cola, Nestle, P&G, Sarantis, Johnson&Johnson, Henkel, Cotty Cosmetics, Biofarm …


URLATI – Romania, Europe

  • 3,000 sqm of production spaces and warehouses on 10,000 sqm plot
  • Various high capacity production lines and  micro modular equipments
  • Production capacity: flexible on demand
  • Certification: ISO 9001TÜV Rheinland
  • Audits award performed by: Procter&Gamble, Unilever, Nestle

TIMISOARA – Romania, Europe

  • 2,600 sqm of production spaces and warehouses
  • High capacity production lines
  • Production capacity: flexible on demand
  • Certification: ISO 9001TÜV Rheinland
  • Audits award performed by: Procter&Gamble


  • P & G (beauty, home & personal care)
  • Unilever (food, beauty & home care)
  • Coca Cola HBC (beverage industry)
  • Nestle (food industry)
  • Reckitt Benckiser (home care)
  • Henkel (beauty & personal care)
  • Biofarm (pharmaceutical)
  • Sarantis (beauty & personal care)
  • Cotty Cosmetics (beauty & personal)
  • Johnson & Johnson (personal care)
  • and the story continues…


Packaging including R&D and acquisition
Filling from liquids to solids on any size
Capping – normal, twist-off, proof seals
Labeling – glue, self adhesive to sleeves
Products from 5 ml sachets to 5 L bottles
Bundle-packs production up to 2 bpacks/ sec. 
Promo packs in polyolefin foil up to 2 x 4L
Stickering and coding using high speed lines 

MOQ As Low As

50 samples

You need samples for your new products? You want to test the consumers or new potential markets?  We have the solution: we will make the sample for you in less than two weeks. We will do the R&D, we will buy the packaging materials, we will print, fill, label, pack and deliver your sample as it was made on your production lines. We can simulate  on our modular micro production lines almost any kind of products. GET YOUR SAMPLE – Hassle Free Process for getting your sample before launching.








Dear all,

Not only do we have the best looking product on the market, but it has the best taste as well.
I wanted to thank you for the huge effort you put into ensuring we would be on time on the shelves. The consumers are already thanking you by buying a lot of it! I guess I am in a good position to know that doing things “a la Nestle” is far from easy, but what you have managed to do in time was very, very impressive.

A very big THANK YOU to the whole team

Paul Nuber, General Manager - Nestle Romania

Mustard is flying - email

THANK you for trusting uS

Promotions? Marketing?

Do you have a Project that seems “impossible” ?
Do you want your product to be “special” on the store shelf?
Drop us a line and we will find a solution for you!



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