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Sealed Air - OPTI SLEEVE WRAPPER Type BP700 with Shrink Tunnel Type T650
    • Description of OPTI SLEEVE WRAPPER Type BP700 & Shrink Tunnel T650 (a.k.a SMIPACK BP 700 AS)

TR04 – Sealed Air – OPTI SLEEVE WRAPPER Type BP700 with Shrink Tunnel Type T650

  • The new series of mono-block semi-automatic and automatic shrink wrappers with sealing bar BP are extremely versatile: they can pack various products, such as glass and PET bottles, cans, boxes, trays, jars, cartons of different sizes in a wide range of pack collations
  • They can be used in several industry segments, such as beverages, food, chemicals, wine and spirits, cosmetics, detergents, wood, textile, graphic etc.
  • The BP series allows OPTI SLEEVE WRAPPER / SMIPACK to meet a wide variety of customers’ demands and to ensure a very good quality/price ratio



  • Semiautomatic shrink wrapper with mono-chamber tunnel
  • Motorized upper and lower film unwinding
  • Pneumatic product pusher, activated by two buttons
  • Included: feet for the machine fastening, press rod to stop products, cooling fan at the tunnel outlet
  • Monoblock frame
  • Pneumatic sealing bar
  • Pneumatic film cut by cold blade
  • Sealing bar equipped with safety sensors
  • Rollers are positioned on the upper and lower unwinders to make the reels easier to load
  • Metric graduation based film reels centering system
  • FLXMOD® electronic control system working by means of a 4.3″ graphic LCD rotating control panel, equipped with PLC
  • Power and control section made up of:
    • Inverter
    • IN/OUT (Input/Output) command modules with 16 digital inputs/outputs
    • Analog inputs command modules
    • Thermocouple reading control modules
    • Such system allows a simple and accurate control of all current operations, that is:
      • storing of 20 different working cycles
      • speed adjustment of the shrink wrapper and tunnel conveyors by means of an inverter
    • Process statistics
    • Tunnel air flow adjustable by means of independent deflectors
    • Tunnel conveyor equipped with heat-resistant glass fibre bars (SMI patent) which ensures that:
      • the conveyor stiffness grants stability to the products passing through, for a compact and well-shrunk pack
      • the conveyor can bear a product weight up to 30 kilos
      • the conveyor bars never get rusted, as it happens when using traditional metallic conveyors
      • the maintenance is easy and low-cost, thanks to the possibility of replacing just the worn out bars
    • Oven cooling system and Low power consumption
    • Compliance with CE regulations
  • PICTURES of OPTI Sleeve Wrapper & T650 Shrink Tunnel
  • VIDEOS of OPTI Sleeve Wrapper & T650 Shrink Tunnel on different Projects: 


OPTI Sleeve Wrapper – Shampoo – running @ 15 bundle packs per minute
OPTI Sleeve Wrapper – Canned Food – running @ 15 bundle packs per minute
OPTI SLEEVE WRAPPER Type BP700 with Shrink Tunnel Type T650 equipment (a.k.a SMIPACK BP 700 AS)


  Sealed Air Trimus
   Equipment description Serial Price as New Second Hand Offer
      and characteristics Number EURO EURO
1 OPTI SLEEVE  Wrapper TYPE BP700   26,800 ASK
with OPTI Shrink Tunnel Type T650 *
TOTAL     26,800 ASK


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